Friday, December 18, 2009

Look at these Puppies

Well, these foster fuzz balls have been here now for around about 10 days and are due back to the Humane Society of Charlotte this Sunday. Ginger Snap and Molasses are 2 really cute female dogs that should get snatched up in roughly 3.7 seconds from when they are made available to the public. If you or any of your circle are interested, you should call ahead and reserve dibs on the adoption of either or both of these 6-7 week old Australian Shepherds. Their behaviour over the past week and a half has been exceptional. They are Quiet in the kennel through the night, their house training is showing better than average progress, they are eating well and love to play quietly with each other and the bigger dogs in the permanent pack. They sleep all night!

If you cannot help in the puppy department, consider this. With all the cold air approaching The Humane Society of Charlotte is in need of slightly used or new blankets and/or any type of pet bedding. This time of year becomes extra difficult for those brave souls working directly with the animals in need. If you have the means or inclination please drop by their Toomey Avenue location and drop off some warmth in the form of blankets so that the humans at the humane society will be better prepared to deal with the safety of the animals in need.

As usual we have given characteristic names to these cuties who have been part of the pack.

Meet TM foster aka Molasses who likes the taste of Zoo Zoo hair..

Britches Foster aka Ginger Snap

Zoo and Britches...
A little ground to ground face bite action with the big dog.

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