Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo Doc...from the top of Slate Rock

I know the difference between lite and light. For example: When Arleigh jumped on my back the other night, she felt lite. The sun's light casts its photon energy on the landscape creating contrast that is visible through the lens, especially with the use of a polarized filter that clearly aligns the normally chaotic photons.

Sunday towards the end of our ride on the top Slate I noticed that the light was filtering through gaps in the lower cloud cover. Those active and powerful beams of light were definite and more discernible with the aide of my little polarized filter. I watched the light continue to move with the clouds and angle of the sun over a 20 minute span of space. During that frame of time I made the following pictures of the spectacular vista from the top of Slate Rock in the Pisgah National Forest.

Sunday November 29, 2009
1410hrs until 1430hrs
Notice the light casting down on the forest floor to the right.
The scene changes by the second as the clouds, earth and solar move through time.

A closer look.
The 200mm lens draws in the lower rock face of Pilot.
To me, the angle of this images gives the feeling of flight over that first hill.

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