Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Foster Alert

Meet sis tire pups Sarsi and Shawnee foster. Shawnee is the little black one on the left and Sarsi is the little black one on the right. These little fosters spent 12 days here with the 5 pack and went back to the Humane Society of Charlotte the other day.
Shawnee staying close to Zoo-Zoo, her foster Momma.
These are two babies out of a litter of 11 of which 10 of them wound up at the Humane Society of Charlotte. At just over 5 weeks old when they arrived these tiny Border Collie mixes melded right in with our dogs. For the first day or 2 they would waddle together over to the closest big dog and ask, "Are you my Momma?" The only one that answered the call was Zoo Zoo the Tiny Warrior in Training who filled in for these babies' missing mother.
While the pups were here they did good with the basics. They were figuring out the whole house training thing by watching our dogs and being on a regular schedule. They ate just fine and seemed very happy to play, sleep and investigate their surroundings. Sarsi and Shawnee are back at the Humane Society and could use a good home where they will be taken in and be part of a family. If you or anyone you know can help out with an adoption of one of these fine Canines please contact the fine folks at the HSC. The abandoned domestic pet problem in our area is huge, bigger than you could ever imagine. These little ones and all like them do not need much but they do need you!

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The pups have blue and black eyes?