Thursday, December 24, 2009

Is See the Beauty in Your Heart

I made this portrait of my friend Jai(like Jay) the other day just after he finished telling me about the 13.8 Billion Light Year distance of the ever expanding Universe that our galaxy(smaller indeed at around about 90,000 light years across) resides in, nestled like a tiny dot of light in its roughly middle placement. For those of you a little out of touch with the Physics meth, I mean math there are 5.87849981 x 10 to the power of 12 miles in just one light year. Botzie and Jai are tied in the race to be the smartest person that I know. The Cops just left Dooleyville and I told the truth in the front yard to a weight lifting African American CMPD officer with huge ripped biceps busting out of his vest under his short sleeve shirt. That conveyance of truth was met with anger by my dumb ass neighbor's side. What is brilliant about the truth is that just as dog behavior is Pavlovian, so is anger the response to truth. So, I was not the one who belled them but the callers made themselves out to be the fool, just like I have been taking pictures of for years.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope for you a shred of authenticity over this Hoo-liday weekend. The only gift that I have for you is to look up into the sky if where you are is clear and think about the math that Jai shared with me.

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