Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day in Pictures

On Christmas Eve Ms. Arcen requested that I do not take any pictures the following morning. She unknowingly described this emotional transfer that she was about to have related to her belief in the spirit of Santa Clause. Her beauty infinite as she reaches for the same Teddy Bear that has been bringing her warmth and safety since she was a baby while at the same time stepping forward into this world becoming a small adult with flecks of maturity showing apparent like the gray in my head. Growing up is like being torn in two directions and she is feeling that so much so that I can see it physically as if it were real. I promised I would not B-Log about the morning together by the tree in front of the fire, a promise I will keep. I do love her and consider her the most beautiful thing I have ever observed from which all my perceptions are based.

It rained here in the Piedmont all Christmas Day, over 2 inches, perhaps closer to 3 here at the estate. Take a walk with me out through the back. Lets start with a reflective self portrait. When it is gray outside I usually like to shoot in Monochrome not for the dramatic effect but because the absence of color starts with the subject. If it is cloudy and dark there is no sense in my mind to try and bring color out of a colorless scene. Notice the huge piece of broccoli on the right hand side rising into the sky.
As I walked through the water
I noticed that there was plenty.
In all directions water was either standing or flowing.
14 Steps total through the deep, only to find much more as far as I could see.
The flow was coming from across a plain which is now a dozen back yards from left to right.
Reverse angle from above image. These look like images that I have seen made along the coast lines of places around the world. BE ADVISED: THESE PHOTOGRAPHS WERE MADE 200 MILES FROM THE CLOSEST OCEAN.
Pan right. 2-6 inches of water for 10 hours constantly moving across the landscape down towards the Loch at Dooley.
Pan left.
A drop, one of many.
The fence line at my good neighbor's property. They have been out of the country for a few weeks now. I took some pictures to show them how high the water was against their two story garage and work shop.
How high is the water Momma?
Under the huge Magnolia looking back.
All this rain and running water across the surface in all directions is making me wonder if I should be planning to build a water born escape vehicle.

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