Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reality Cheque

Take the time to watch and think about this film created by Lucian Read.

The Long Haul II from Digital Journalist on Vimeo.

Nathan sent me this link yesterday to a collection of photo and film work by Lucian Read and David Bathgate who are covering the present situation created by American Interests in Afghanistan. To the west of Afghanistan is Iran and to the west of that is Iraq where the explosive loss of life continues since 2003 with our nationalized invasion to ultimately create a new embassy on the Tigris River in Baghdad that stands tall protecting 'our interests'. The picture slide shows are moving and give me the chance to actively choose to think about what 'our interests' truly imply.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what paper tiger means. Look it up. Ever think about being in a real death march, while the female members of your family get taken away by enemy soldiers.

Well now that you looked up paper tiger and know what it is, the USA will not be a paper tiger to no one, that includes Big China or stateless terrorists with infrastructure and tons of Ca$h.

Billy Fehr said...

You missed the boat and are obviously not looking within but I bet you are paying roughly 2.60 a gallon.

Jordy said...

"the USA will not be a paper tiger to no one"

dude, a-ninny-moose, may i suggest you look up (into your brain) "double negative". your statement reverses your intended meaning, assuming you meant to say that the U.S.A. will not be a paper tiger to anyone. if we are not a paper tiger to no one it means we are in fact a paper tiger to someone. is that what you meant? what DO you mean to say here? whats this enemy soldier taking away your "female's" fantasy about? who is the enemy?

China is pretty tied to our consumer lifestyle and doesn't seem to mind. sure, it's tempting to entertain scenarios of them wanting more control of hydrocarbon resources and who can blame em?!? this shits great, you ever ridden a jet ski? wow, nothing quite like it. in order for china to fulfil your "female-stealing" fantasy they would have to mobilize millions of men on thousands of expensive ships and planes and over a series of months move those poor saps to fight in the USA (without us noticing), the home of all unknowing, the moral abyss, full of guns guns guns, gangs, mutated-meat aggression, jocks, SUV's, interstate. . . i mean, sure, china's got the men and the money and the ships and the planes and stuff, but they'd have to be bats hit loony to try and OCCUPY a nation with the moral compass of a goat. no, your fantasy stems from something deeper inside yourself, for in my world i would simply remove my own femur and kill whatever enemy soldier stood before me to take my "female's" or my "dog" or "me". look into that.

and cash. ahhhh, i can smell it now, because im holding some up to my nose. it smells like an old book. remember those? books? after "looking into" a few of those i was able to draw a lot of conclusions about exactly where the cash that "stateless" (bill, take note of the banner of nationalism this is falling under), ah hem, "stateless" terrorists got their dirty, ugly, stinky, bloody cash. yep, theres a paper trail. the paper tiger left it. guess where it goes? vroom vroom. 57 chevy, baby. how you gettin to work tomorrow? so any ways, did you know that kenny rogers knows when to hold em? he also bought a 10-20million $$$ horse from saudi arabia. he also wrote "christmas in cannan" staring billy ray cyrus, you can catch that on the hallmark channel and get your beliefs on. yeah, 10 to 20 million, for one horse. theres some cash for ya.

sir or ma'am, i think youre drinkin. you come in here to the old traffic stop and you want to talk all this "female" abduction fantasy, and knock chinese people around and fly the banner of the USA like you own a share. but you dont. your shares were bought and sold on the auctioning block along with the rest of us, and whatever fear you have about dying and reading, or reading and dying, you need to get over, because you are inevitably going to die so you may as well read and figure out something else to say besides encoded, anonymous, trite, uncreative, rape fantasy's that sound like the pile of letters that didn't make the final cut of Rambo 8.


Jordy MOOre (the moor's were Muslim's, but i wrote this within arms reach of two christmas trees.)

have a cracked day!

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