Monday, December 28, 2009

Destination: Snow Line

Via 6 hours total drive time and 4 hours of physical body challenge on foot with husky. I am sore in strange places and am late for the first day back after four off. I almost died in the UN Montero on the fire road named Roseboro in a left hand big switch back when the snow was so deep and crusted with ice that I became stuck in a bad spot leaning hard to the inside and down. I had to think really hard on the best mechanical way out and fortunately that planned worked. Roseboro to the parkway was impassible by my 4wd car so I turned around and made it to the parkway via Edgemont, another fire road that seemed in slightly better condition. Fear. I leave you with imagery and maybe tomorrow I will have a better detailed report from the field above the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Street Ghost Photography said...

Way to get out there.It's neat to see the BRP covered with snow.
Good hunting!

Billy Fehr said...