Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Head is on Fire

Ms. Arcen took this picture of me finishing my first ear candle experience Sunday evening. It's 4th and 2 with 4 more yards to go for this thing we call nationalism. Everything has a label and this one is a linear idea crashing to the ground around us. Just one more bailout, one more scrappage scheme or cash for your hot water heater and everything will work out fine, just the way it was before. Fiasco by award winning truth teller Thomas Ricks is next on your list of books to read. Then make sure not to miss his sequel to that book titled, The Gamble which I purposely read first.

Working outside has its benefits, like staying in touch with 'reality' and the effects that reality has on the landscape. The past morning and day felt solidly cold. Our 5,000$ furnace will be here by the start of next week. It has been 46F in the house since Sunday. I can get the living end of the house up to 60'ish when the wood fire is burning but those BTUs never make it back to the sleeping and bathing quarters.

I fixed the hot water heater Friday night with an 18$ T & P Relief valve. The hot water heater was blowing out water every time someone used it causing us to have to bailout the closet without a bailout. Now it works again at pro level.

On Saturday afternoon I picked up the clutch slave cylinder for the UN Montero and the weirdest thing about that was that it came from the warehouse in Bessemer City NC that I spent 5 years working in a long time ago. On Sunday without any superMercificationvision I went under the truck and did it alone. First was to undo the hydraulic line with a 14mm open ended wrench from the old broken slave cylinder that would not push the clutch back out after the master actuated it. As soon as that happened the fluid rushed out for a second and I quickly attached the end of the line to the new cylinder. Then I undid the two 14mm bolts that mounted the part to the truck. The new one fit in perfectly and as I tightened it down I put in the new push rod and little rubber boot. Once securely installed, I did a half assed bleed of the slave involving St. Lissa as the pumper and holder(a spot that I usually find myself in). At any rate the new slave is installed and the clutch is working like new, as it was some 18 years ago.

Now for the ear candle transfer. A couple days ago I started hearing the ocean in my right ear. This started as a strange sharp pain in my right neck an inch or so from what felt like my spine sending out a warning shot over the bow of my chakras. After listening to the ocean for day some 200 miles away I decided to draw out what ever this was inside of me by trying an ear candle that OpalTom sold me for a 5 dollar bill. If it worked for Soup, how could it not work for me?? The fire place in front of me was warm with burning wood that had warmed me three times before. I lubed my ear canal with a bit of vitamin E oil for a good seal and placed the cone of the candle in. Without it being lit I could still hear the ocean, only magnified. Then St. Lissa lit the far end and I could immediately feel a gentle but constant pull emanating from what felt like my neck or throat through a passage and out my ear canal. The sound changed from the ocean to a soft warm suction that made me feel safe, without pain. A little smoke rose from my ear where the candle went in and the pull continued for maybe 7 minutes. When the candle burned down to the mark I was to remove it, I pulled it out and carefully listened. The ocean was gone, replaced by the crackling of the fire and Ms. Arcen asking if I were alright. I can still feel a little something in the back of the right hand side of my throat but at the same time I know that what ever it was inside of me is on its way out.

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