Friday, December 11, 2009

Take 2 of the 8

For those of you wondering, there are 8 dedicated, highly motivated, true to the core or in this case corps professional bicycle messengers presently working the streets of Charlotte NC. That of course does not count the serious bike delivery guys out there representing Jimmy John's. 8 also does not count Ari, the girl doing super human cruiser deliveries of pizza and 2 liter bottles of Coca Cola. Although those 'food' bike people are people too they just do not count when it comes to the scene. So, out of the 8 real messengers I spotted two of them rolling the square in opposite directions yesterday. Check out none other than Paschal and TeamDicky Loudpants.

Paschal and his self touted Gorilla-like body parts rolling North. He saw the free wheeling chap on the left and decided to show him up with a little fixed gear magic, the track stand.
Then to top it off he buried the fellow cyclist with a quick jump on green off of the line.
Here comes Rich and his l'orange pantaloons.
Showing off his turning skills.
What's this? He just received an important contract related text from Moots.
Even though sending text messages on a bike is now illegal in the great state of North Carolina, he does it anyways because he is a pro and pros have to deal with their sponsors even if that means breaking the law.


James said...

I'm not entirely sure texting while cycling is against the law, unlike texting while driving.

I was surprised to learn that in NC, unlike many other states, drinking and cycling is legal.

"A bicycle is not considered a vehicle for purposes of impaired driving. [§20-138.1(e)]"

cornfed said...

What's up with the l'orange pantaloons?

wv: wasto

Billy Fehr said...

Thad...I have no idea.
They must have been cheap and they had a tag that read, 'Dickies'...
James...I received the data on the two wheeled DWI but I also saw a paper being carried by one of the other couriers that gave me the impression that texting and communicating on a cell phone while operating a bicycle was recently made unlawful in NC. Now, that does not mean that is true, I just saw it in writing so the source is questionable because it came from his mustached boss.