Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The 2 day freeze

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week actually felt like winter as evident from the above picture of my Lemond Fillmore out in the South End. The picture was taken on the right hand side of the tracks almost to Remount where all the new contsruction is happening. So far the rest of this season has been short sleeve warm and very dry still even though the rain came it's nothing against the deficit. On Friday morning before work I rode out along the new light rail corridor on the pedestrian path that parallels the tracks to just before Clanton Rd. It was the first time I rode the path since the rail actually opened and I was surprised at the frequency of the trains going by. Just before they speed by an audible vibration shoots over your head along the wires, the train passes quietly for it's size then as it speeds away that same vibration picks up volume and reverberates over your head again.
The ice has melted and the cold has been over since Saturday and we are back to the winter warmth of a heating globe. This strange winter warmth is not just here, it is everywhere. It bothers me when people ask me in the elevator about how nice the weather is, 70F plus in January. It is hard to contain to myself when what I am actually thinking is great, maybe it will be 125F this June, can't wait.


Vanessa said...

I'm thinking the same thing, scared for the summer heat.

Billy said...

How could you not be unless you were not paying attention and in this case it is obvious that you are!