Monday, January 28, 2008

And I was joking about my chain's TIS(Time in Service)

Here is a shot of the new recycled PC-1 Greasing up some clean bearings
Saturday morning I had to do the East Side Stay alive commute a little earlier than my normal Monday through Friday routine. I was headed to a board room on the 38th floor of the Hearst Tower for our annual company meeting. Breakfast was served at 0830hrs and the meeting started shortly there after and lasted till about 1300hrs. The company that I courier for has grown tremendously since it's birth in 1998 and in this economic gamble called life in the USA that is great news for all of us lucky enough to be contributing to such a force. It was neat to see everyone in the same room, normally we are spread out through the city and rarely have the chance to interact together.

When the meeting was over I made break for Mathews style to replace my way past worn chain that I had just got done sarcastically referring to as having more TIS than the two rookies that had just retired combined. It is always nice to see the guys at the shop, they have put up with me for long enough and are somehow always willing to give me behind the counter help. Before I opened a new chain package to throw away not only my wasted chain but the packing material for the new I spied the coolest thing ever, those guys have two CHAIN BINS OF DEATH(CBOD), that's right a chain bin of death times 2. These chain bins of death are created from years of installing new chains for customers and having a tail left over that gets tossed into the bin. I took out the 2 CBOD's and set them up on the counter with a crazy grin. I went through the first few chain pieces and set aside a 4 inch section of a new Cool chain tail, as I dug a little deeper I found a little section of new PC-1. Useless pieces to the right, oh there is another piece of PC-1, perfect, place it to the left. Within a few minutes of going through the top half of the first chain bin of death I had one link more than I needed to connect these lovely 4 pieces of brand new PC-1 for my work bike drive train. I christened the brand new shop grade Pedros chain tool(neat tool, holds more chain on each side of the mechanism than the park so no slippage, hands free) that came in earlier in the week and linked the sections together. Now with clean bearings, new grease in both hubs and the recycled PC-1 my bike feels really, really smooth. After thanking my support team of Mike, Matt and Sol I rode home from the shop by traversing the McAlpine Park Greenway and some if it's more woodsy trails which were fun on the Filmore.

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