Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Upon a road two travelers meet in passing

On my way out the other night rolling east on 7th Street passed coming towards me a familiar face on a bike. A face on a moving bike in this town is such a rare occurrence I paid notice and saw none other than Kristen and her cool self rolling cruiser style for the big buildings. Without getting smacked by the two lanes coming towards me from behind or the two coming towards me from the front I cut across and came up behind her unnoticed. Camera out I started clicking a small series of this brave cool cycling soldier on her way to a class in the South End starting with the bottom image up. Here she is in front of the new bigger and better Mecklenberg County Courthouse. New development along McDowell St is the back drop, if I would have taken this same image a year ago the backdrop would have been a green wooded park lined with Cedars.
"That's right Bill notice I'm following all traffic laws by waiting appropriately enough at this light a few deep."

Two years ago I met this brave local rider at the Heck Yea Coffee shop which she and this guy named Jordy were owning/operating long enough to make the cash needed to ride across this continent on their Surly Cross bikes. A few months later when they passed the Heck Yea torch they packed up a few things in my BoB trailer and took off from the lovely QC for points west and north all the way to Seattle. I think it took them roughly 54 days and 33lbs of Couscous to make their journey and continental crossing which they did with honor. It is always good to see someone else riding around while I'm out there alone, especially a face I recognize. In the immortal and Euro accented words of the German journalist Florian Ruth, "You look soooo coooool."

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J said...

K to the K!! Wow, I found you! lol, what happened to your email?? I tried to holla at ya for your B-day, but no luck!! Hope all is well wit ya, I def. miss ya!

ps; Google is an amazing tool! lol. Get your arse up to NYC asap! xoxo

J to the B