Sunday, January 6, 2008

SSWC08 I'm in!

The below is an email that I received this morning confirming my place in the 2008 Single Speed World Championship race in Napa Valley California this upcoming August. For those of you who live under a rock or did not know the registration process went like this. On New Year's eve 12 midnight PST which meant 0300hrs here in the east and not one second earlier you had to send a simple form from the official web site. St Lissa set the alarm for me and I sat in front of the machine for 20mins waiting for my cell phone clock to hit 0300, when it did I counted to 6 seconds and hit send. The rule was that the organizers were going to take the first 350 eager registrants from around the planet and send them a happy letter a week later. I have participated in SSWC05 in State College PA and SSWC06 in Stockholm Sweden. Both experiences were fantastic and more fun than an adult should ever have on one short cosmic bike trip to a new place. I have never been to Napa and I cannot wait to take a leak in a vineyard with my SS mountain bike close by.

Wow - it's been a couple of rainy and busy days here at SSWC08 headquarters and we've been swamped with all the emails that came in on New Year's Eve. The response was overwhelming and the event filled up as soon as it opened. That being said we are sending you this email to congratulate you cuz you are IN! In order to complete your registration, you now need to pay $35 U.S. to our account by January 15th. If we do not receive your entry fee by January 15th, you will be dropped from the registration list and one of the 500 or so people who did not make the cut will be given your spot. There will be no refunds. We will be uploading tons of stuff on Napa and the upcoming race to our website and blog very soon, so check it out. We look forward to seeing you all in August when the trails will be fast and the poison oak will be in full bloom. SSWC08 Team

Here is a little movie clip that I took within a few beers of the finish of the SSWC06 on our ride back to Race Central av Stockholm along the river. Staring in this movie are Jordy Moore the only rider on a monster cross along with a cameo and unsolicited commentary by Dejay Birch, winner of the 24hr Solo Single Speed World Championship the year before Rich earned it. Turn it up loud Captain. I don't think I will spend as much time training to win as I will going for a great beard prize and or trophy.


Vanessa said...

Jeepers! Talk about a lot of hoops to jump through! Congrats on your success. Cheers!

Billy said...

Thanks Vanessa,
Now I have to start working on some facial hair that will be more impressive than your dog's wizard beard....I'm going for a facial hair trophy, do you think he would let me borrow it or at least give me some tips on how to grow it?