Saturday, January 19, 2008

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I took the above former header image on Sunday January 6, 2008 at the Catawba River mountain bike trail. I have trouble calling it the U.S. Whitewater Center because when I first came to the river trails you had to park on Heavy Equipment Rd and ride past the gate to get to the trail and there was no such thing as an economic water toy for those who need it. Before I get side tracked and go on with psycho babble back to the picture. I was at the end of a little group ride trying out a new system with a new camera dangling around my neck. The idea was going to be to try to photograph the female rider in front of me with my right hand while trying to keep up with the left. Over the little rollers, turning, pedal, pedal, turn then the smacking sound of my handless handle bar hitting a tree which caused me to make a funny gut noise then fall over hard into the ground. Somehow I kept the camera off the dirt and then I stood up quickly to play it off in case any riders came up from behind. I had to pull my bike off the trail because the front 8inch rotor was slightly tweaked from the violent speed wreck. I turned my bike upside down off the right hand side of the trail and did a field truing of the rotor until the noise completely stopped. When I looked up to get moving I saw what is in the above picture and thought to myself, this will make a nice shot. So I took the exposure and rode off to catch up with my friends who had completed an entire section while I was piddling around.

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