Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Devil's hands are Idle Playthings

Way back in the summer of 98 when I came to the lovely city of Charlotte to take on a new life as a bicycle messenger I met young Nathan. He was already riding on the streets working for some company that has been gone since prior to 2000 called A-Courier, formerly City bike, presently The Q changed from the most recent City Sprint. That's right, corporations are on their game when they come up with name changes that throw just enough of a decoy out there that they feel that they can justify their own management salaries. Nate always impressed me with his quick wit, lust for knowledge and his desire to get the hell out of the jar and travel to interesting far away places that could teach him more about life than just sitting around wishing he had.

So he left, went on to Europe, then Europe again, then Columbia, then some small places in Central America and this summer Ghana. Between his formal collegiate studies and his travel abroad he has an understanding of not only the global situation but his place in it that exceeds your average young successful professional by a ton. I wish more people were as considerate of their global surroundings as he is.

Nate rode from about 15miles out to the uptown the other day to show us his latest fabrication related to the betterment of human existence. As we rolled around I took the above images of him and his trailer that he put together in less than no time. The underside frame is made from square aluminum tubing that he found being thrown away as well as the conduit that connects the trailer to the bike. He did purchase the wheels and a small amount of hardware but in total has well under 50 in God we trust units invested. I tested the trailer and felt like it was solid, there was no speed wobble even above 20MPH down hill. I did however break the connection between bike and trailer arm when I came back past 90 degrees right and up on a curb. The coupling supple parts ripped, the trailer came disconnected and then flipped over on it's side. I have a tendency to break things and I quickly apologized to a smiling Nate. He told me not to worry because he had already foreseen this connector being a problem so he had a back up in the trailer. In under 5 minutes he replaced the coupler and rode away, trailer in tow. Production for this product will start when the first order is made.

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