Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday's dark early East Side Stay Alive in the rain

was extra scary because even blinking red means nothing to the mass of traffico racing their way to nothing. I left Dooleyville 0655hrs to catch up with Rich for a side project that I have been working on for a few days or maybe my entire existence here in the jar. Once out on the real through the debris field and traveling east I realized I had not been out in such morning darkness or rain in awhile. It makes a difference to the normal, three lanes wide traveling 20-25 sometimes 40mph faster than I off to my left. First the surface contact does not have the same connected fixy stiction that I have come to count on. Then in wet darkness the auto viper driver has yet another reason not to see me even though I am blinking multiple red LED and reflecting light from the heels of my continually spinning feet. My visibility is cut down as well, including missing a visual of the surface through big dark puddles which by default causes me to imagine that there is a pot hole under there or a rock or broken asphalt with the autos a few feet away groaning a wet street contact noise. Up to the Centrolian split and headed straight away for the Plaza a yellow school bus passes me then turns into the parking lot on our right completely unexpected, bastard. If I had not felt it and not slowed a yielding turn I would have gone under the bus and the driver would have claimed that he or she never saw me. Instead my endangered instincts kicked in and I tacked around back on course. It was still dark when I hit Hawthorne and Elizabeth, only light gray above the breaks of fast moving low dark clouds. The photo project lasted for 30mins or so and then I hit the post office to pick up 2 tubs of mail for my first drops before 0830hrs. It is Friday and my schedule is half over.

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