Monday, January 7, 2008

The Header Image

that has been staring into your eyes for the past few weeks is a self portrait that I made less than 10 minutes after the finish of Stage 7 of the 2007 Trans Germany in Shoneck. This stage was one of only two that ended with an alpine climb rather than the way more preferred alpine descent. When we came out of the woods on a small plain about 25km away from Shoneck I could see the green mountain rise upwards into the sky with small buildings on the top that appeared to be like something from a dream. A little while later Beccina and I were traversing the last upper section of the hill and entering the cobbles of the hill top town that wrapped around the outer edge of the mountain then dove into the cobbled alley that led to the finish line. Sven's call came from 30 yards out, "Und here comes die shingle shpeedas Villiam Fehr und Rebecca Thomaszewski from die United States of Americanner!" Through the finish, past the fake beer, to the grassy spot over under the trees. I laid there for a minute staring at the clear east German sky thinking how sad that after tomorrows stage to Oberweisenthal this will all be over. I took out my little cannon from my jersey pocket, checked the huge amount of light available, made an exposure adjustment and snapped the above photo which shows the clarity of light in my eyes which was something I was trying to convey before the picture was even made.
The Header image will change often and at some point before it does I will always try to explain what I was doing when I made it.
This weekend on Saturday I cut, split and delivered a Montero load of mixed Hickory, Oak, Maple and Cherry wood to V in need down in Ballentoon. There is nothing like a fire in the hearth during those darker slightly colder months of winter. Yesterday I went on a local ride at Catawba, one lap with friends and another lap alone with myself. The below little clip I shot on the first friend lap from the top of the GOAT HILL CLIMB. First coming to you is Dicky , then Johnny Tic Tac and then one with all the sound effects is Leanne. For whatever reason I think this vignette is really funny, TURN IT UP LOUD CAPTAIN!


V said...

"V" appreciates the wood!

Billy said...

Glad you appreciate the wood!