Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wheelie man's fly ride needs a weldin`

Yesterday I ran into the Light Cyclist aka Wheelie Man up in the jar of the Uptown QC. I have seen this fellow cyclist and local artist now for about a year riding his wheelie on various streets. The guy has real walking skill. I have seen him holding a wheelie for longer than a block through lights on the square, splitting traffic and the cab stand. When I asked him if he wanted to go for a ride yesterday which would give me a chance to film him on the roll doing his mad skill he said he could not. He let me know that if he were to pull up on the front end of this long fork bike that the fork would just fall off with the wheel in it and he would hit the street. Upon further inspection I saw two radial cracks around each fork leg. So, no wheelies until he finds a welder. Once he does I'm hoping to catch up with him and get some good film of his wheelie skill. In the mean time at least check out the amount of effort he has put into the visual appearance of his light bike.

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