Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I fall down

So yesterday at Catawba I asked Nathan to take my picture doing the log ride at the top of the ending single track. I approached the transition front tire up onto the log then as the back wheel came around I snapped off to the left hard. Somehow the bike wound up way above my head, as I was falling down I remember seeing the bike go up and realizing it prolly will come down tried to get in a position to protect myself from the falling machine. While that was happening Nate was able to snap the above image of the fall, thanks Nate for one of the coolest crashing pictures ever.
Late Edit(announcement even though sometimes I make late edits without warning) BUMBLES BOUNCE! according to Yukon Cornelius who almost missed the flight to Nepal. I am always amazed at how many times I crash and how violent they can be. Fortunately I have been ramping up my skill set and negotiating my priorities enough that I don't fall down as regular as I did when I was 9 or even 33. I have never really been hurt except for a few broken ribs, broken collar bone(and some mystery skeletal disorder next to my collar bone), concussions times 4, stitches and contusions MAJOR. The crash above reminded me of how easily I bounce, when I rolled out of it I jumped up and said. "Wow, I'm not hurt, how amazing!" I don't normally break when I go down which at the age of 38 is rather gratifying.

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