Thursday, January 3, 2008

Full contact ATM'ing

You missed it & would have laughed really hard had you seen it, this relatively new spectator sport that has spun off of as an aside to the Meineke Car Care bowl which our lovely city welcomed this past holiday weekend. That's right the QC's Bank of America Stadium hosted a college football bowl game between Wake Forest and UCONN brought to you by Meineke Muffler Company and all that is greedy and over indulgent about our lives here in this fine country. Who won, who cares? The most important development that came out of the event besides all of the great photography fodder available was the witnessing of a new sport which I am calling full contact ATM'ing.

I first saw this display of energy while I was locking up in front of 129 W. Trade on Friday early afternoon. As I rolled up to the bench right next to the ATM these 2 humongous Wake athletic monsters came running from the valet area of their hotel, across Trade right in front of me. They were wearing dark team sweat bottoms, white sneaks and white WF polly long sleeve team shirts. The whole way across the street the bigger and darker headed of the two was throwing elbows at his friend and yelling, " Yea, Mother F$%&#@, money, I'm gonna be to the money first!" His quiet slightly smaller and light headed friend countered with some low shoulder blocking to deflect the elbows coming on the race to the ATM. When they hit the side walk right in front of me dark head wrapped his arms around the others shoulders and through him backwards but the friend was not having it, he spun right out and then the 2 of them were side by side shoulder checking each other and yelling profanities about the money GOD giving them what they need. It was crazy and funny at the same time, it was crunny.

The real insight came as I sat on the bench watching this crunny event end with the sound of the rollers kicking off the 20$'s. It was a thought that I could see these people now, these athletes brought to you by Meineke goofing off bringing attention to themselves for whatever that is. At the same time I could see them 10 years from now after they go for their 4million$(which they need)wearing ties, driving nice clean shiny cars, living in their McMansions and running in to each other at a nice Chinese restaurant. The next thing you know someone like me will witness full contact Chinese fooding....that's right fooding.

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