Friday, January 4, 2008

The first ground score of 08

happened on Wednesday, the first work day of the new year and is worth more than the four bungee cords I pulled out of the debris field a short time ago. As I came around the corner East on 5th for my 10:15 at the Hearst tower there was this hockey puck looking object just about in the inside gutter. I scooped up, shoved it into my cargo pocket and a few minutes later in the elevator discovered that I had found a little I POD shuffle that can apparently hold 15hours of digitally compressed music. If you look closely you can tell it has been run over by a car, there is a small crease on the top and the clip on the underside is bent inward a tad but the thing works quite well. I listened to the crappy FM garbage that someone has on it and look forward to loading up some quality listening material once I buy a device that will allow me to do such. Being a messenger in Charlotte sometimes has benefits like the elusive and ever present ground score. You have to keep your eyes open and look for things that stand out and are not part of the normal backdrop. I have scored toys, tennis balls, random needed tools, tons of zip ties, full/empty sun glass cases and jewelery(one time I found this amazing silver chunky necklace that had hand art work in the design of flowers on it). If you are real lucky and paying extra attention like Dicky was a few months ago it's cash(he looked down and picked up a hundie, that's right 100$-cash). As strange as it sounds I'm always on the look out for things on the ground.


Vanessa said...

awesome score! Congrats on a great find. Cheers!

Billy said...

Thanks. One of my co-workers told me yesterday that the owner of the little I POD may have registered their name electonically on the hard drive. Now I am realizing that someone is actually missing the gear they have lost track of and I'm going to try to get it back to them if they have indeed marked it with a way to get a hold of them. I guess I'm feeling a bit of guilt for such a great score without giving any effort trying to reunite the crappy tunes with it's owner. Sometime this weekened I will try to ID the machine with the help of some super geeks.