Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I wrote a poem

yesterday afternoon after being inspired by an incident that took place on my commute home Friday evening. As I turned the corner on Pecan Ave I ran into Luke(orange jacket), Aurora(cool huggy bear hat) and guy without name(the only one with a helmet to protect his brain housing group). Of course I have known Aurora and Luke for a few years now thanks to the ever powerful bicycle realm here in the QC, the guy without a name I had never really met before. Anyway I took this picture of them before we parted and upon further contemplation came up with the poetry/photo effort I am sharing below. This effort took a little less than an hour with 4 rewrites. Maybe poems with supporting pictures should be called something new, how about phoetry? Here goes my phoem. On my bike I rolled upon
three cycling travellers straddling their steads
in the bend on Pecan.

In front of them I came to a stop.
I observed not one of us appeared alike
each of our individuality
as different as our bike.

Together we stood in a round
with feet placed firmly on the ground.
A laugh, a grin setting sun clearly
showing the light within and in
our eye lit by clear light
we rode away separately
into the night.