Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Charlotte Library?

Charlotte Public Library blog update.
First I notice that there are
many rap videos being played around me.
Just after I had finished loading yesterday's
winter Stay Alive images I began to type the
story. The door opened, 1 of the 6 tiny foster
kittens bolted out into the public domain of 4 K-9
sporting class amateurs. In the immediate rescue
attempt I knocked the table and my tea swished
out of the ceramic, in a splash a drop feel behind the 'T'
key. I was able to save the little white one whose
back was pinned by the paw and her head was under the
lapping tongue of Zula the T'wit warrior. It looked
as if the husky was enjoying the kittypop. Whence
I commenced this morning's dissertation and extreme
winter survival story from yesterday every time I hit
letter 'T' it ran like this tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.
completely out of control to the right. Upon further
examination I discovered that the 'R' does not work at all.
Machine is broken again. I will be back soon. Intersting story
from this am's 18F commute when I ran into a biker
walking with his crumpled cannondale on his shoulder.
He had been hit by a car and it was bad. Matt's story
and a recap of yesterday as soon as I fix the machine.

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