Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Classic Car vs. Bike

Meet Matt, a dedicated bicycle commuter whom I crossed paths with as I approached the big buildings one cold(under20F)morning last week. He was walking his shouldered Crackandfail, I mean Cannondale on the East 7th St side walk at around the 1300block. As soon as I noticed the twist in his wheel and the saddle less rails I decided to stop and inquire as to the source of such discombobulation. Just down at the 7th and Indy500pendence intersection Matt was riding straight through when an auto viper turned without warning right onto Indy and ran him slap over. Matt's rear wheel was sucked under the front right tire of the turning car. He said that the driver stopped and was very much aware of what he had done a little too late. Matt seemed unusually calm and matter of fact about the whole getting run over thing, like it happens all the time. No injury to report.
After a few photos I let him know about the fine folks at the Ultimate both the original and new who could help him get fixed up and back on the bike. Even though it was an unlucky thing to be hit in such a predictable manner the bright spot is that Matt has now been featured on my blog which although not the number 1 bike blog in Charlotte is seen by some very nice folks in the biking community. Please pass on to your friends until this post reaches Matt, 6 Degrees is all we need.

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