Thursday, March 26, 2009

Full Contact ATM'ing

Jesse 'Dude' Hooks approaches Wacky Fargo ATM on Tryon thinking and singing to himself, "I got Bank, I'm talkin' beans, I always bust new routines...." This seasoned professional Charlotte bike messenger is constantly thinking about safety and protecting himself from severe brain injury even while making a withdraw.
Dude's spidey sense is on acknowledging that directly behind him comes none other than Shane McDevitt the Uptown Property Mogul who is Black Berry of Wrathing his way to his 4million while making a completely legal jay walk onto the curb from across Tryon.
Dude's Final words to the ATM in a quiet husky, deep slightly guttural voice: "Thanks a lot Money god, I appreciate the 20 spot but one day could you think about being able to give out Fives because that's all I really wanted was a 5."

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