Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Ride Report

Yesterday I was able to catch the mid-late early train to the US Brown Water Center formally known as Catawba, which has been presently transformed into a tax payer dollar/energy money hole needing their share of the bail out too. That's right folks since the first day I noticed the big swath of mowed down forest on this site a few short years ago I felt intuitively that soon there would be not so much for all of us to see and do. The owl habitat is gone and in place you will find a big lonely energy sucking aqua fun sanitarium where once again we as a humanity have proven that life is indeed good, better than any blue barrel can hold. You may be getting my municipal tax dollars but you will not get my freedom.
So the ride. I followed the dust of TD around the course on lap 1. We chatted about some things that I cannot quite remember but I do recall seeing tons of filtered sun light trickle down to the brown forest floor. The air seemed clean and the river was full. After lap 1 we met Clint, Eric K., Kevin, Ben and his dahg Bingo the Old Farm Collie up under the high power lines. After the Trials Comp we all rolled out in fine Single Speed fashion except for Bingo who trotted on all fours. It was yet another good ride with friends.

the winner of the trials comp was Kevin
not only because of his mad skillz but I do not think anyone else knew how to go back tire.

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Hell yeah! Look at the header! The mullet in the Storck shirt on the front cover is me!