Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Giant Nude Woman Cleans Up, Gets Clothes

Pride You may recall being introduced to Stacy last month, the giant nude woman captured in the Jar during an uptown raid on Giants. Well the other day one of the longest career messengers in Charlotte and I were rolling around working on a photo project for April's Endurance Magazine when we came up on her cage. Stacy said that since being exposed on my blog the local Asian Alteration Coalition got together and made her some giant clothes and donated them to her free of charge almost making her feel as if she were a pro bike racer being thrown threads to wear with pride minus all the corporate logos, self deprivation and thoughts considering the oppression of Chinese children slave workers. Since I last saw her this giant Goddess was able to take a shower thanks to the CFD and as well fix her make up which was donated by Sherman Williams not Branch. The 3 of us chatted a bit and Stacy not quite economically back on her feet asked for a dollar to help send her big kid to big college. Kevin cordially obliged with a smile and we said good by to our new giant friend.

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