Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ma Bell & B-ILL Communications

Ars: "Hello Billy, you there?" Billy: "Yea Ars, I am right here less than 10 meters from you separated by a glass window. Did you wear red to turn me on?"
Ars: "Uhhh, not exactly, I was wearing red anyways. Have you seen Lee, I found his bike but I am really trying to see him because I heard he is growing a mustache."
Billy: " Lee is sitting across from me, yes he has a new mustache, it is red like the jacket you are sporting to turn me on. Ms Jenkins, bark like a dog you monkey woman!"
Ars: "Quit fool, this is serious I am working on a photo story of messengers with mustaches, both Lee and Holt are on my list. By the way do you really like me in red?"
Billy: "Well that will be an interesting photo essay for sure. I gotta go, I am sitting in front of a giant hockey puck I found on the Albemarlean Traverse that I am about to deliver to Stacy. Yes, honestly you look great in red, I am starting to drool in Pavlovian response!"
*all photos of me courtesy of The J
*all photos of Ms. Jenkins courtesy of me
*pictorial usage not words courtesy

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