Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drop Bars, Not Bombs(1)

The night before last motivated by 2 hours of Versus' coverage of this year's 2009 Paris Nice pro road race I decided to put the drops on my work bike. As I watched Contador attempt to reach deep into his suitcase of courage on the final Stage 8 in an attempt to get his yellow back from losing it the previous day I shed the risers and installed the dual pistolas. It seemed like a good idea at the time while I cheered on the peloton from the side lines of my living room. Yesterday morning as soon as I jumped on my commute I thought gunka runka these drops are low and I feel closer to life than ever. In those precious drops along Albermarle it felt as if I had a pistol in each hand that I was clutching like a rosary to fend off anyone seeking last minute dough nuts at the Dunkin in affect giving me no other option than going up in flames. These bars give a whole new meaning to faith. I am scared of them and hope that I can get over my fear and master it. I rode my work day without tape and then headed to Ultimate to install some fine Cork/Gel. Seeing I am not sponsored by them I will keep the manufacturer unnamed even though some of you will figure it out by the image below. Speaking of which, if you look closely you will notice that my final wrap was erroneously done. I got happy handed talking to Mike about new tires and accidentally taped the left opposite of the right. I figured it out when I got home and made the aesthetic correction. Countdown to this morning's Scare Alive: 1hr footnote (1)-Dicky sent me a message thru Dude yesterday when he saw my bare bars that I needed a hipster T-Shirt that reads, "Drop Bars, not Bombs". Did you see Bike Rumor used a very fine image that I made of roller man? All you folks out there racing against him this year be warned now, he will be crushing you soon. I talked to my little buddy on the phone last night after 2030hrs and he was rolling stationary after a long wet day of work. YOU ARE ALL DOOMED.

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