Sunday, March 8, 2009

Flash Back 7 Suns

I still have not yet been able to fix the 'r'(this last one came via copy and paste) key which may a take minimum of until the next week. In the meantime to stay as half assed as possible I will put in place of that alpha an *. This will be fun, *ight?

A week ago today I woke up to this scene in Dooleyville fo* my Stay Alive Commute. It was cold(65F colde* than it will be today) and white, d*y, densely quiet and ve*y much sustaining on less auto influence. My mail. I left 20 minutes Ea*lie* than no*mal to get the mail delive*ed to 2 clients who wound up opening 2 and 3 hou*s late to allow fo* safe commute. Mine was a bit safe even though it did take no less than double the time. The su*face va**ied between solid pokey ice nodules, 4 inches of f*esh powde* hiding f*ozen solid jagged ice nodules as well as othe* deb*is and black salty wet ub*an ick liquid 2 inches deep on the asphalt. All I could think was pick a line and DO NOT FLAT. Soft in this spot, obstacles hidden....

Sp*inge* said that he liked the image and noticed that it may have been slightly painful 20mins in which it was but by 45 and afte* I did not notice much down low.

Black wate* Ice Cubed leg hai* dingles.

Campy Ice Block

You should see the puddle this melt left.

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Boots said...

you need to post my photos what its like to ride in REAL SNOW hahaha....get something to cover your legs next time it snow...frostbite isnt cool!