Friday, March 27, 2009

Endurance Project #4

Late Edit-Shazam!! Please look at Faces of Dicky today, I am guilty by Association!

The 4th photo project that I have worked on for Joe Nuss and Endurance Magazine has hit the News Stand as of yesterday. Those first works that went to print last year are here and you can see the second and third ones here. The latest assignment given to me in early March was to come up with some photos which would support Neal Boyd's Bike Charlotte Article that would be in the April edition. I worked on this project with various riders I know and was able to have a batch of 25 images ready the night before my dead line. Joe picked the one I made of Kevin, the oldest courier in Charlotte who retired shortly after changing everything forever with his 2001 Critical Mass that brought Satellite Up Links and under cover cops to the square. As an aside Ian 'The Pony' Leone and I made the front page of the local paper that very next day rolling along in the parade through the square. Ian had his fist out and was yelling, "More Beer!" The caption below him read something like,"Disgruntled cyclists take to the street." Was the photog not listening, Ian was hardly disgruntled, just thirsty.

April Cover My image of Kevin and Neal's words, notice the credit in white on bottom right of image. That's my fly ride locked to the sign on the left.
A little Bio line as credit, photo of me taken by S. Lechner.
Scanning by Cardinal Feng of New Madrid University.

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