Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hugh in Blue

Back in June of 06 I made this image of Mr. Hugh McColl while Becky ran around in a white and black dress laughing at Josh and I doing shots of cold Vodka for our courier lunch meeting. This picture wound up being one of the most powerful people docs that I have made because the first big print was passed to him then he passed it to his wife. I think he got it, a moment not posed but casually in a relationship with his life.
The other day I saw Mr. McColl being followed by a pro level 'photog' and his grips.
Blocking the shot from the middle of the North Bound lane of Tryon I tried to separate Hugh from the pose the photographer was needing for that glossy image.
The famous point gesture, meaning you have a point. A point like saying that without him the Bank would not be here, nor would the Charlotte Douglas Airport or perhaps even me for that matter.
This man sat down next to me once in the lobby of the BOA Corpocracy Center and asked me about the job I was doing. I think he was honestly intrigued about the two wheeled path as a source of livity. He listened and asked a few questions that were not the usual fair. Since then we have had a few road side chats. I am not stalking you Hugh, I just think that a man in your position power makes an extraordinarily interesting image especially at this point in history in a place like the down town Globo Bank theater of the Jar.

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