Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1st Non-Budgeted Expense

of the weekend happened while this image was being taken less than 5 miles from Dooleyville on the return drive(326th car driven mile of the day) from our State's Capiltoon Friday evening. Speaking of which tomorrow will be the field trip slide show and smart ass commentary, should be a good one I took pictures of where Bev Perdue applies her mascara and uses the bathroom. See the pretty swirling blue lights, I did shortly after I saw him tucked in on the right behind the city limits sign just as it went from 55 to 45. He was an electro cop, no emotion not that I deserved any but just an observation. Something I have never seen before was the radar gun that clocked me was attached to the lap top which was attached to the CIC which was attached to the on board dash camera which was attached to the printer that printed my ticket. Nothing manual, not even the smile. I am innocent until proven guilty even though I will be entering a guilty plea. That is all I should say about that right now because with my plea I will bring the truth to the courthouse. But sir, "I don't drive very much, I ride my bike way more."


cornfed said...

I got tagged in a similar speed zone this year. My first ticket in 20 years of driving. Befittingly, I rode my bike to the courthouse and paid the fine and spoke to the judge and folks on my 36th birthday. They were aghast that I rode my bike there, thinking that the ticket was the reason for me 'having' to bike there in 28 degrees and sleeting weather 20 miles from the house.

My ticket was hand scrawled, but same robo-cop behavior.

Anonymous said...

your daughter has the "i am not amused" look