Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Mountain Ride-Pisgah

(editorial note: Mike's Last name starts with an R not an S like I have went to print with. Even though I did not know that, for some reason I thought that I heard his nickname perhaps said starting with an S which is what I was thinking when I wrote it. Perhaps I am simply a moron. Either way I apologize for any confusion Mike.)

I am not sure how but asking Eric to take me on a 5- 7hr ride that ends with Turkey Pen Gap seemed like a great idea at the time earlier in the week. 7hrs, 11mins. Tons of time alone at both ends of the 3 of us which were Eric, Mike S. and I. Interesting side note: Mike S. whom I had never met before but recognized me(not from Dicky's blog this time) introduced himself as one of the 2 riders that me and Ms. Arcen passed while we were descending down from Cairns Trail last month. Hunh? How is that possible that someone I passed on the trail not too long ago shows up with Eric to go for a ride? While we were taking out on Mullinax I saw a paw print in the gray trail mud. It was deep and way bigger than my dog Max's. I pedalled away thinking to myself what kind of dog would leave a print bigger and deeper than Max's? When we regrouped on up the trail Mike brought up the fact that he thought he just recognized a bear print back a bit. That is exactly what that had to be, amazing the black bear does not hibernate here in NC. I regret not going back to take a snap but this thing was moving forward. A time warp transfer later I fell over on Avery I think it was, there was an unexpected wash out where the immediate left hand side of the trail just disappeared in a wash out dramatically cascading down the ravine. The trail was intact but my eyes and brain were very confused, the outcome was I stalled, clipped a pedal trying to regain momentum and fell over into a predicament that only Mike could save me from by literally pulling my bike off of me while I lay on my back head down the mountain caught up in the rough steep surface. I flogged my upper outside thigh muscle on a protrusion that caught my fall. The rest of the day was not quite the zippy fun that had a hold of me until that point. I had to concentrate to bring that thigh around on every stroke. Ouch. In the crash my pack light Gore jacket fell out of my jersey pocket and Mr. Aware was not aware until time space later. I felt bad about littering but even worse losing a piece of gear that I use regularly and have for about 4 years. If anyone finds my jacket(it is blue and says Nova on it) and returns it safely I have a reward. Unbelievably that was the 2nd out of budget expense I accrued over the weekend. Clear Skies, diamond dust snow flakes catching the rays of photon sun light energy transference into the mood of freedom not toon or jar. Free. Why do they have geared bikes? Owl scat out the other end in regurgitation which I have been officially trained to spot as of yesterday in the middle of the trail. A Huge Owl that must have been I thought to myself. Winds coming in above us. Forestation in the bright sun and at last the 6th and final mountain of Turkey Pen Gap. Great ride, thanks for concocting it Eric~

Eric and Mike S.
under the log bridge
This PMBAR intel report is for Dicky and Thad. Shhh, don't tell anyone but Eric let me know that one of your check points will be within 3.3miles of this spot. Study it hard this image will play a crucial role in your ride!
Document: Eric resupplying water using purification pump.


Anonymous said...

Bill, Thanks for coming up. Thanks for the call, too. Oh, Mike's last is 'R' for Rischitelli.

cornfed said...

Thanks for the PMBAR tip. I've committed the leaf covered downhill with upwards growing trees image to memory.