Friday, February 27, 2009

RoboNarcs Have Landed

Yesterday I had the chance to see the Mayor and Chief of Police welcome in their new tool against crime and civil unrest. Below is a transcript of what the tool was saying.

"Stay calm, do not worry, my voice is not meant to scare or alarm you. I am the olive drab green metal pole that these police and suited men are standing around. The City of Charlotte has bought more than a few of me and my twin brethren to do some serious policing around this fine Ville. HEY, YOU STOP CHEWING GUM AND GET THAT STUPID LOOK OFF OF YOUR FACE!! We are operated remotely from where ever the cops choose to manipulate our intricate actions. Despite the similarities we should NOT be confused with the UNMANNED drones being flown over Pakistan by no less than 2 U.S. Agencies on your dime. At this time we cannot put a laser signature on you or your big head and call for an off shore Tomahawk Missile Strike to semi surgically blow you and anyone around you up. As robonarcs we are programmed to see through the eyes of our 360 camera, receive/send data via sat comm, audibly communicate with either a man or woman's voice, smell, touch and taste. Got ya, we do not yet have the sensory capacity to touch or taste but we are programmed to be able to smell and you need a shower. "SIR, FOR GOD SAKE PLEASE TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT and COMB YOUR HAIR!" Listen citizens, you may as well just stay home and stop coming out in the public arena for when you see us in actual operation you may lose all sense of what you thought was really happening around you. DO NOT BE ALARMED WE ARE HERE TO PROTECT AND SERVE."

Post Addendum: My friend Tab sent this very important link called Stimulus Watch. Residents of North Carolina should take the time and have a look inside the Change coming your way. 49 other States in this fine Nation perhaps have similar plans. Amazing. Thanks Tab.

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