Thursday, February 5, 2009

January Horse of the Month

What you say, horse of the month? I thought this was a bicycle orientated blog, well lets just say horses are sort of like bikes on a few levels so we are going to just go with it. Plus I was not able to pull my camera out fast enough yesterday to get the picture of the huge cigarette that was cruising Tryon St strapped to the back and roof of a Ford pick up truck adverting the latest grit. Can't you feel the change? As sort of a fun little side project I have ubiquitously decided to give an award to one of the friendliest horses in the County, 10 year old Choco(like short for chocolate). Choco is a guy horse who lives not far here on Frank Hodges' Farm. This rather large creature is kind and likes to greet humans that stroll out onto his pasture. Choco is velvet brown skinned with a distinguished blond fore lock that blows in the wind in full hippie style to reveal a white blaze in the center of his head. Check him out.

Ms. Arcen saying hello to him in the pasture.

A recognition of sorts.

Eyes wide shut seeing everything that is going on.


Once again eyes shut with huge animated mouth lips sending a non verbal message.

Just as we went to leave Choco came to say good bye.

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