Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Raleigh NC-Slide Show

Capital Rotunda Building built in between 1833 and 1840 of Granite which is the State Rock. Solid. The Rotunda from inside on the 2nd floor looking up.
On our visit to the Government Capital of the State we found the core meaning of political Red Tape. Back before anything electro the senators used to write their legislation, fold it neatly, wrap it in brown paper and then seal it with a red bow. Red Tape.
Bev Perdue during her last term as Lt. Gov sat in the chair under the seal and broke the tie in the senate vote which was 25 to 25 for the State's first ever education lottery. Way to go Bev!
The vote showed up here on this board live as it was happening so that the state senators could keep up with the tally. Unfortunately a few of them got confused and tried to super size their meal.
I found multiple cases of Waste in Government, here is one of them.
Thomas Day(1801ca-1861) loves Walz cycling caps and Walz loves him.
Not quite as big, almost as wide.
Ms. Arcen had no idea that Raleigh offered such a good view of the Mountains considering it is more or less on a coastal plain.
More Waste in Government!
This floor is almost 200 years old, pretty solid.
This sticky legged beetle attracted the attention of my kid.
This was the only evidence I saw for the entire day that bicycles were allowed in Raleigh. Not one other, only this one.
A shot glass(1785ca), literal sense. Way before it became a tool to pour down the fire water it was a place for politicians to put their feather pens so that the ink would not run on the desk top. Shot, get it?
Chuck our guide was describing what the curtain behind the original Lt. Gov's chair(not to be confused with the Lt. Gov's chair pictured above in the new(1961ca) legislative building) was for, any guesses?
This was the extent of the Capital Security that I saw. Apparently this new bumper sticker technology is working very well for our State's Capital is one of the safest places I have been to recently. America.

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