Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yesterday I could not help but notice the latest one person movement using the downtown Square of the Jar as a stage for their bully pulpit. Just before I made these images I had been deeply engrossed in a Pulitzer Prize winning non fiction book that I have been working on for a few weeks. To my left sat a senior Merrill Lynch financier who had an air of monetary authority about him and his young Ivy League colleague who although ten years my junior reminded me of a class of folks I used to know. Their conversation I could not help but to hear. "As bad as things are the bottom is about to drop, it is really getting ready to happen." Then the discussion turned to active understanding that all the ways that they used to make money by having cash as an inventory, a commodity, something to buy or sell are gone. The government has moved in and taken away those ways so now the idea has to shift, we have to figure out ways to make the money with 90 percent less choices. The younger had an idea that he communicated which involved big money and the bad assets of this nation but was spoken quietly in a language I did not understand so I cannot convey to you what he was really saying other than it sounded desperate and on the verge of the new illegal moral code in justification for ones own gain of more than what they need. Not one word about the nearly 1million Chinese human beings that died last year caused by unsafe working conditions while employed making the crap that the world is buying no longer. The dominoes are falling in full Globo style. The truth may be found in the signage below in the bottom left hand side of the frame. lets take a closer look

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