Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Giant Nude Woman Captured in The Jar

The other day I decided to take a peek inside the labyrinth of Charlotte's new Epicentre(fancy Euro spelling and all). At the end of the faux alley on the left where no one really was filling the wide fake cobbles anyway I heard the softly spoken words, ", please help me." I looked up and saw this gigantic nude woman crouched down to save her dignity in a cell on the corner of the newly built 17th century shopping street uptown. That is her knee sort of like the Land-O-Lakes Lady. Her name is Stacy, Stacy the Giantess. Stacy was captured by the Charlotte Authorities in a raid against Giants last week. Stacy told me that since being placed in the cage only 35 people had walked by but I was the first to actually take notice. There was nothing I could do for her even though she tried she could not fit through the bars, her shoulders were like a foot too wide. I took her picture for prosperity and while I did we chatted. Stacy said that the thing she misses most about being locked up is not being able to read the Hawley Blog. Before we parted I let her know that I would pass the message.

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AloneTogether said...

maybe next time you get one of those victoria secret magazines... you can take those ladies to talk to the giant lady stuck in the cage... and they can tell her the secret of becoming small?

that story that you wrote is hilarious.