Tuesday, February 3, 2009

T'WIT(Tiny Warrior In Training)-Monday Night Trail

I hope you like the new header image. Military Ops over the Jar. I shot it on my way home Friday with the little big lens hours after the incident with Carter's Secret Service. In the digital tray I adjusted film grain, saturation and tint to present the above composition. When I heard them coming over the trees I thought that perhaps they finally got tired of me popping up on their radar as someone who was paying attention so they were coming for me in a full scale Black&White Op to take me to the new Gitmo in Onslow County. Whew, thanks be to Jesus that was only a thought stemming from my hyper active imagination. There were 3 more choppers in the sky that did not make the image but by the time I had identified them and gotten my camera out this is what I saw. The empire on it's way in to the Jar from the east dropping out of the sky as if they were landing at the big buildings but were prolly headed for the Toon International Airport where the military is always welcome.

Last night after work ZooZoo and I headed out to the local Single Track for just over an hour PT(physical training)ride/run at her pace. She gets so excited when she sees me loading up the mountain bike equip that she can hardly contain herself. A little howl and some happy dance all the way to the car. On the drive over she calms down a bit and goes to that mental place where she harnesses her internal strength for the game about to take place. Nose in the bag-o-treats. On the First Double track out of the single Zula came running wide open, no slowing right by for a pic. Can you hear her bell ringing that I fashioned for her collar out of an aluminum spacer and her ID tag?
Mush, Mush. She mainly follows my rear wheel but sometimes likes the lead position. I will follow and command her to mush, her ears lay back while she trots down the trail waiting to hear more from me.
We came upon some new wood burbles most recently built into the trail. These Wurbles were a nice surprise well constructed solid and offering something new to think about. T'WIT went over them the first time and you can see her coming back around on the right for more.
A closer inspection of this fine new feature of Sherman Branch Trail, thanks whomever was responsible you made fine usage of what was lying around in that area.
Mandatory stop at the bigger pond watering hole for the kid.
Of course some fresh hydro replacement is key after a physical effort and I am always willing to share with this little instinctual creature.


shermanbranch.com said...

Beautiful dog. My kids want one of them, once our old beagle "moves on".

Glad you got a chance to enjoy the park,


Arleigh Jenkins said...

I am in love with that pup!