Monday, February 9, 2009

Apocolypse Later

Yup, that's all I have today, nothing but a silly little video that I shot and edited over the weekend. I know it has been happening many miles from the ocean as long as strip malls have been around but I cannot seem to swallow the rationalization that the balance is well. What attracted me to these sea gulls is that they had started to follow me along the Albermarlean Traverse a few weeks ago on my morning stay alive. The other day on the way home I saw about 7 of them fighting over the frozen slushy contents of a super size drink cup from the King of Burger that was smashed on the side of a Bus Stop shelter. They were in all literal sense actively trying to stay alive by taking in the brown high fructose corn syrup. They need protein and to be back along the coast some 200miles away to the east.

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The Big Bad Banker said...

Reminds me of Batman Begins where Bruce Wayne is surrounded by lots of bats. With that many sea gulls, you should've had an umbrella in case any of them decided to drop a WMD from the sky. I remember as a kid when a flock of sea gulls flew over head and one of them pelted my older sister in the hair :-)