Tuesday, February 10, 2009

American Values

Great speech and press conference last night eh? Feel goods all over, especially if you live in Iran which is right next door to Iraq and Afghanistan, at least the RV manufacturers of northern Indiana will be taken care of. Wow, the joke on top of the joke is real folks and we all should be looking west and getting ready for the change because it is coming whether we are ready or not. How many of you know that Iran has submarines? WTF? another trillion dollars no problem because we have become so assimilated to the philosophy that life is good that we will completely sit back while the Palestinian innocent are slaughtered with WMD that were made here at the same time that level of complacency is carried over to the government for the people by the people. It is all going to be completely fine just make absolutely certain you are ready for the digital conversion. What difference could all that money make to a nation that sees theirs as the only minute in the now that matters?

In the mean time and as a distraction check out the above video I shot this past April but did not put together until this weekend. That's right another film post of which I think that there will be more of soon because I have been working on a public awareness quiz for the patrons of Dale Junior's Whiskey River, its gonna be good. Swazey had just finished telling Brent and Jordy, two very creative multi level artists that drums and banjo just do not go combine for any semblance of sound harmony. "Bah Swazey", I say these musicians in full impromptu style have just made a symphony of the drums and banjo, the 4 parts being the 2 instruments and their 2 highly motivated souls.

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Unknown said...


Hope you made it to the hospital alright. We tried to get your email address but our computer illiterate asses couldn't figure out how. If you want, just hit us up at soulsurvivortheband@gmail.com
so we can work something out with the video.

Can't wait to bounce some ideas around!


P.S. We absolutely loved the strongest pretty girl :)