Saturday, December 27, 2008


Random guy in parking lot took this picture of Bob and I using a half assed combination of timer and fob to manipulate the shot with my broken camera. Sorry those moving alive shots from in the woods will just not be able to happen until I get my shutter back. In the mean time check out the evidence of me riding with yet another giant. Mountain biking was in full swing this afternoon out in the Uwharrie National Forest's classic but rather mellow Keyauwee/Supertree Loop trail with my ole Marine Company G friend Bob Lasher whom I met on the streets of the Jar recently something like 17 years after I saw him in the quad last. The quad is where he was in formation with the rest of the suckers who were not getting out that day that I walked by looking back just once, 7 days after our return from the Persian Gulf. Anyways, after Bob checked into the blogowold of mountain biking by linking to everyone on my side bar and everyone on theirs and so on he immediately went out to his local shop not mine and hooked up with a new 29'r Specialized Rock Hopper size really tall for his 6'7" self. Everyone knows that life is better with a mountain bike so I say he spent money well.

This was his first ever mountain bike experience and what better place to be on this misty fog covered day. The trail was actually not soupy but for sure the root and rocks were a little more of a challenge than normal. It was strange and fun nothing but positive to be sharing a ride with someone who I knew so long ago and who has the motivation to be out there with me today. In the foggy warm hills I contemplated everything from how spies would engage their mark to the relevance of Israel being real or in the right tense of thought, Israel is real. I heard him occasionally back there laughing and sometimes on the verge of bitching but overall I think he managed his first trail ride with an over all positive demeanor. Bob fared well around the double trail loop and seeing that earlier in the day he ran 1 mile short of a half marathon for fun we opted to not turn it around like usual.

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