Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Activity Report

Ms. Arcen took this picture of me on top of the corner of Robinson Rockhouse which was originally built around about 1790. This corner was restored by some archaeologists from UNCC in the early 80's. This foundation is accessed by footpath off of the main Sierra Loop Trail. Mary keeping an eye on things.

Headed up the trail.

A clear creek bed and some laughs.

On Saturday after some equestrian learning time which included a new process called cantering Ms. Arcen, Mary, Zula(it changed again, this should be the last time) and I went over from Frank's farm to the Reedy Creek Park and Nature Preserve. We picked up a little map at the Kiosk and headed out into this place that I had not yet seen. Clearly marked trails on non technical rolling terrain. Plenty of birds in the trees fluttering about and calling out our arrival. Gray skies, good morale and a few side tracks indicating something to be explored from the perceptions of a human with only 9 years on this planet. The Robinson Rockhouse side track was interesting. I was amazed at the questions the kid asked about the foundation's original builders and occupants, she is thinking. After about 2 and a half hours of walking we orientated the map from where we were and made for the communal fenced in dog area near where we parked. Mary who has been known to shut down any fun being had by other less than Police Style K-9's (notice Danger in the Crowd)sat outside and watched with Ms. Arcen while I took little Zula in to this gated play pen for dogs. The little one was not so sure. Imagine 50 or so local dogs out for their daily experience in this pen where their owners have taken them for a little socialization. No aggression, strange calm intermixed with bursts of circular energy at speed. Sort of reminded me of the Jar. After less than 15 minutes we got out of there.

On Sunday I had the good fortune to be on the express local train with Clint and Dicky to Catawba Mountain bike park where Rondal took me a long, long, long time ago. Since then so much has changed on the property including less trees and the name which is now practically the U.S. National Brown Water Center, however I will always refer to it as Catawba. We ran into Eric K. and Ben in the 5 dollar lot and hit the trail. The conditions were almost near perfect, clear cold air and a slightly sluicey surface warming up with the sun. Around, then around again watching the ghost like apparition to the front descend faster than ever, the moving parts appeared to be functioning. The river is full, the trees were bare, the sun bright and the air felt less particulate carbon. The cooler air allows for them to rise and dissipate off the floor. Must stay focused now, for the real is bound to come around again as soon as the temp rises above 75F.

Sweet rock line
Ben and Rich
Clint on the Blue Ridge Parkway rock line after building it.

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