Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Interstate Bike Commuter of the Year

So, the other day after a great Mountain Ride we were on our way back to The Jar merging onto I-85 South off of the U.S. 74 at Kings Mountain when low and behold(Swayze, sitting behind Rich loves when I use inappropriate euphemisms as if I understand our English Language-notice the look of disgust in the shadows) something very interesting appeared before our eyes. My brain started to itch, the confusion in the car was as thick as Swayze's disapproval of me posting pictures of him crashing on Farlow. What could it be? Were we witness to the one, the only Interstate Bike Commuter? I mean how synchro is that, four seasoned Charlotte Bicycle Messengers and daily urban bike commuters ourselves driving by this brave, brave soul headed from Cleveland County straight to Gaston. I always knew they did things pro level in both Cleveland and Gaston Counties, now I have the proof. Check the commitment tied in a knot with the fashion sense to at least have on the very appropriate cotton hoody, jeans and gloves. That attire helps him get closer to that 65mph speed limit posted ahead....
The by pass is to the right, Interstate ahead, this guy has a direct route from his trailer in Shelby to the Western Auto Warehouse in Bessemer City where he works 2nd shift Sunday thru Thursday filling orders of up to 1,100 car tires a day. I'm all about the Stay Alive bike Commute theory but for Christ sake man, route planning can help you avoid the purple roads from the west!
Notice that the Interstate Bike Commuter's Mantra stays true: "No need for helmet when it happens for there will be nothing left anyways."

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

That's true. A helmet on the highway would be for ornamentation only.