Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Queen City Has Big Balls

Yea, yea I know Christmas is thankfully and very joyfully over like almost a week ago now but if it can start the day after Halloween I can keep it real for a few more days. Check out these huge balls that our fine city and more specifically the failing bank Wachovia puts out for the people to cherish each year. These eye catching balls are bigger than you can imagine, ornaments of giants helping to bring out the real meaning of Christmas or at least reminding people like me that there is a ton of useful energy wasted that goes into the warehousing, transportation, set up, break down, more transportation and more warehousing of these over sized balls. I have watched the masses for the past month line up to have there picture made by friends or family in front of these gargantuan balls and have heard the comments. "Wow, what big balls!", "Mom look at these big colorful balls!" "Mikey will you take my picture in front of the large gold balls?" "Juan, go stand in front of the big red balls and I will take your photograph next to them.", "Hey kids, don't you love the big balls?" and my fav yesterday while working on gathering these images before the balls go away to their warehouse in upstate New York, "It's okay Shane you can touch the balls." This big ball document could go on for ever but as I have learned from the pros it is best to keep it short and sweet. Merry Christmas is over and I hope you like my big ball post!

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

It's okay Bill, you can suck our balls! Have a good NEw Year's