Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year that Lasted 12 Minutes

It appears that this will be my last past, dammit I mean post for the year in our physical time 2008. It has been the year that lasted 12 minutes and it is flying into the new which could break a record and turn out 12 months in about 8.283mins. I was fortunate to be on some great rides this year even though I had wished to squeeze in a few more. All have been documented in some form here on the bloggy but the most interesting ride of the year was back in April and can be read or seen in 5 parts here, here, here, here and here. I know that is a bunch of reading but if you want a laugh at the expense of me throwing up in my mouth at something like around about 20mph on a 2 day really long road ride it may be worth your time.

09 is now tomorrow, put the gloves on, buckle your helmet and remember that your bicycle actually supports the weight of your human form, the vessel that carries your spirit, soul and energy into the world ahead of you. Love your bike, handle it in a caring manner and receive with open Chakras what it gives back to you to be able to see. Ride on and follow the path of beauty.

Have a Pedally New Year.

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Wookie said...

its my hand fool!!! and this is your last POST not PAST for the year...proofread your shite!