Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gemini Moon-ACHTUNG!!

Last night at around about 2200hrs I broke out the Electro Camera, tripod and remote wireless shutter with thoughts of capturing a moon that had enough presence to be able to send a message to all Gemini's, Pay attention especially during times of vehicle travel. Bah, I got the message earlier in the week from friends, cops as well as the news paper and will be traveling to the mountains tomorrow anyway. This moon Friday night was amazing which is why I reckon that I got the Gemini warning in triplicate that this is an extra close moon with significant pull. Here is a small sample of my photographic attempt to transfer an image to you from a set I shot last night.

a slight shadow enhancement

Sepia tone which as Jeff told me is a black and white image that the silver is removed and replaced with Sepia. These last 3 are toned in that manner, digitally of course.


AloneTogether said...

that is so amazing. just what i needed. we went up the mountain friday night... it was so extreme... and yes, pulling us all a little closer.
good work!

Billy Fehr said...

thanks C....