Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Special Bike Day- I got the Memo

Yesterday morning just as I was about to leave for the Jar via the east side stay alive, that's right again I decided to take the Zion. Jeff Jones, aka the kewlest courier that ever lasted more than a high school time period came up with the concept of special bike day a long while back but it was usually a Friday and you would have to wear a Hawaiian shirt as part of the liberation. Hunh? At any rate the tacit message went out yesterday and it was a double. Out of the 12 only one other received the telepathic notice calling out to the CMA(Charlotte Messenger Association) to get on their special bikes.
I came up with a list of positives and negatives like any good thinker would do of riding a Special Bike to Work for the day.
Free Wheeling, surfing the Side walk descents.
Stay Alive single track section above the East Ridge is way more fun.
Stairs Uptown are manageable.
Hydraulic Brakes.
The curious looks on the faces of the rookies.
Buckets like the dirt look of this machine and wish they had one.

Immediate feeling of Stupidity rolling out of driveway on a bike 5lbs heavier for 10 miles of fat tire knobby resistance at 32 x 18 when I normally push out at 42 x 16 with the minimal friction of my go to 28mm Gator Skins.
Long Distance jobs actually feel like long distance.
Trackstanding at the light is very difficult, not even worth it.
It is hard to outrun the Cops on this machine.
It can be difficult to get this thing locked up to a bench.
Going home into the wind after work is disheartening and gives one thoughts of the bus.

Special bike on the hill side of Tenth.

Locked up with the 4.7 pounder, it looks strange.
Normal work bike posing near a Gorilla blowing up a balloon, yup that is a Gorilla

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Street Ghost Photography said...

It was called "Fun Bike Friday"
And tuesday was the day for Hawaiian Shirts. We called it "Trend Setter Tuesday"
It was Mark Herron who noticed the energy shift in the bucket's followed by their attire
SWITCH-AH-ROO on tuesdays.
Always tuesdays!!!!
Why Tuesdays?