Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pictures Creating Document: Catawba

I have not ridden there much since the recreational industrial complex known as the U.S. National Brown Water Center went in on top of the landscape I had for more than a decade previously known as Catawba. Seems as if the Corporate Plan of Aggression repelled me from this local Mountain Bike Park and then when the planners of all that is good for Charlotte decided to start charging to ride the trails hid behind a parking fee I just could not justify in my mind why I would go. Reflecting back I can remember being on a ride just before they closed the park so that the sprawl in the woods with 5 dollar beers could be constructed seeing a 60 or so acre patch of trees destroyed along side the trail. Who ever was with me said something like wow, they really are on the way in. We both agreed that what we were looking at was just the beginning. Fast forward to the now.
This past Sunday while on the trail early enough that not so many thrill seekers were out I ran into flowing brown water crossing and under different sections of the trail. The first defacto stream I rolled over immediately caught my attention. It was out of place and not there the last time I was. I stopped up the trail, turned around and went back for closer examination. Camera out. The directional source of the BWF(Brown Water Flow) meandering through the trees down the slightly sloping terrain was coming from the base of the big berm holding back the land at the lower pool of the faux river fun. Assumption: in this case I feel it is fair to make one. Question: in this case I feel it is appropriate to ask one. Is this Brown water flowing downwards through the woods towards the real Catawba River(Largest river basin in NC) chemically treated but unfiltered overflow from the happy place above? This investigation is just the beginning as the Kudzu gets closer, water is liquid with a source and a chemical make up signature. The self initiated Boycott is on all over again, not a dime.


Street Ghost Photography said...

I vow to never ever spend another cent at that place. There is a special place in hell for the folks that duped the locals riders of their trails. I spread the word and i spread it thick when i speak of how THEY the BROWN WATER CENTER, ASS RAPED all of the ones that gave birth to those trails well over 15 years ago.

I park at the church a mile away and ride in. Church folks say it's cool to do so.

Billy Fehr said...